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Calmer Canines in Masterton

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Noise proofing improves conditions for doggie residents and their human helpers at the Masterton SPCA, thanks to a $11,000 grant from the Trust House Foundation.  


About the Masterton SPCA

SPCA is New Zealand’s oldest and most recognisable animal welfare charity, and the Masterton centre – along with its counterparts around the country – provides a safe haven for sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals.

What the grant went towards

The Trust House Foundation grant enabled the Masterton SPCA to sound proof its dog area, by lining the concrete walls with sound absorbing material, lowering the ceiling, and installing a new internal door to separate the area from the rest of the centre.

What this meant for the organisation

Lower noise levels in the dog area mean lower levels of stress for people and animals at the centre. According to centre manager Rebecca Johnston, constant barking is unsettling for all of the animals in the centre, particularly for other dogs which become stressed, and perhaps develop behavioural and physiological problems as a result.

About the Trust House Foundation

The Trust House Foundation is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation, which provides more than $2 million a year in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations.