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Safer rowing in Porirua harbour

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The Porirua Rowing Club was able to purchase a new safety boat thanks to a 10,000 grant from Trust House.


About the Porirua Rowing Club

Established in 1967 and located in Titahi Bay, the Porirua Rowing Club opens its doors to anyone who is ‘over 13, can swim 50 metres, and is keen to learn how to row’.

What the grant went towards

The $10,000 Trust House grant enabled the Porirua Rowing Club to purchase a

new, Highfield rigid-hull inflatable boat, powered by a 20Hp four-stroke motor –chosen for its particular suitability to the conditions in Porirua Harbour. The safety boat provides immediate rescue in the event of a capsize and allows coaches to train the rowers up close and safely. One of the key features of the boat are its pontoons, which make it simple and easy to rescue a rower from the water. The four-stroke engine is quieter and more environmentally friendly, and the power tilt means the boat can get closer to the rowing boats in very shallow water, such as is found in the Pauatahanui arm of the harbour.

What this meant for the organisation

Safety boats are essential in training rowers – especially novice rowers who can sometimes tip out as they find their boat balance.

Importantly, the quiet engine allows the rowers to easily hear coaching instructions and, for the skippers who spend long hours on the water, the backrest is an added bonus! Grants such as that from Trust House help enormously in supporting the safety and advancement of young rowers in Porirua.

About the Trust House Foundation

The Trust House Foundation is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation, which provides more than $2 million a year in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations.