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Sport and leisure going great guns in Greytown

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The Greytown Community Sport & Leisure Society will continue to provide management support to a wide range of local sport and leisure groups, thanks to a grant of $7,500 from Trust House to assist with operational costs.

About the Greytown Community Sport & Leisure Society

Formed in 2003, the Greytown Community Sport & Leisure Society has a membership of fifteen sport and leisure groups that benefit from the Society’s mission to “Support community-wide participation in sporting, leisure and recreational activities”.  With a Volunteer Board of three independent members, one school representative, four sporting representatives and a paid administrator, the Society supports a combined membership of over 1100.

What the grant went towards

Throughout 2019 the Society will continue to focus on supporting the volunteers who are the backbone of their sporting and leisure group membership. Such support includes the provision of updated service level agreements and financial reporting packages to club treasurers

What this meant for the organisation

Boosted management support from the Society helps make the local sport and leisure club volunteers’ jobs a little easier and leaves them with more time to share the love of their sport or activity with the wider community.

About the Trust House Foundation

The Trust House Foundation is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation, which provides more than $2 million a year in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations.

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