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Air Rescue Saving Lives


About the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust 

The Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust (CWART) provides a professional Air Rescue and Air Ambulance service in Canterbury and on the West Coast, including patient transfer between specialist hospital services across the entire country. The service rescued more than 900 people in 2017 alone.

What the grant went towards

The grant enables the continued operation of the CWART services by helping bridge the gap between the 50 percent government funding it receives, and the actual operating costs incurred.

What this meant for the organisation and its clients

In a life and death situation where every minute counts, air rescue may be a patient’s only chance for survival. In trauma cases such as road accidents and medical emergencies, if a patient has access to the specialised care they need within one hour of the onset of illness or injury, their chances of making a complete recovery increase by up to 80 percent.  

Dylan’s Story 

Dylan needed CWART’s help when he was badly injured in a biking accident at a friend’s birthday party.

Dylan’s father, Nigel, recalls the experience; “Dylan was screaming – there was blood everywhere, his face was smashed, his teeth scattered on the ground, he was struggling to breathe.”

The fact that Dylan received medical attention in that critical first “golden” hour after sustaining his life-threatening injuries, meant he was able to resume playing rugby within a few months. 

I had the feeling Dylan was being cared for like the paramedic’s own son,” said Nigel.

Air Rescue Services

Air Rescue Services Limited

Net proceeds from the operation of gaming machines at Air Rescue and Community Services member venues are returned in the form of grants to charitable and community organisations in the Canterbury, West Coast, Otago, Marlborough, Wellington and Auckland regions of New Zealand. The company’s primary funding objective is to assist in the provision and development of rescue and medical equipment and services in the above regions. However, grants are also made to other community groups and organisations that qualify for grant assistance under the company’s legislated Authorised Purpose. In the year to 30 June 2017, Air Rescue Services Ltd distributed $8,668,836.00 to authorised purposes.

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