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Buddies For Boys Without Dads


More fatherless boys will be able to have a consistent, committed male mentor in their lives, thanks to support from the Trust House Foundation.

About Big Buddy

Big Buddy is a charity that matches fatherless boys with positive male role models to support and encourage them as they grow into young men. Research suggests that boys who have no father present are far more likely than their fathered peers to seek role models on the wrong side of the law. Since becoming a registered charity in 2004, Big Buddy has been making a difference to over 800 boys in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington.

What the grant went towards

Support from the Trust House Foundation brings Big Buddy closer to their goal of reaching over 8000 boys in Auckland, Wellington and Waikato whose dads are not around. Big Buddy’s succesful programme takes male volunteers through a highly developed, professional screening process that only passes men that these boys can count on. The Buddies are men with a little time and a kind heart who can show up in a boy’s life for 2-3 hours a week for at least a year. This consistent commitment is important to the boys, many of whom have been repeatedly let down.

What this meant for the organisation

Supported by generous grants from organisations including Trust House, The programme steers boys towards confidence, better decision-making, the willingness to try new things and, ultimately, creating a happy and fulfilled life.

Statistics and stories continue to show that the presence of a mentor in a boy’s life really does make a long-lasting impact that improves his family life, schooling, future relationships and job prospects. When we start by helping a boy, we end up helping a community.

Big Buddy scheme

Trust House Foundation

The Trust House Foundation is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation. Every year they provide more than $3.8 million in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations.

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