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Empowering people with intellectual disabilities


Rotorua residents with intellectual disabilities have grasped the opportunity to enhance their life skills thanks to funding from One Foundation.

About St Chads Charitable Trust

St Chads is about providing a good life for Rotorua people from 16 to 64 who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability. Operating for over 32 years, the St Chads mission is to empower and equip their clients to live lives with greater independence and choice, and facilitate their meaningful participation in the community.

What the grant went towards

The One Foundation grant supports the ongoing provision of a range of St Chads’ programmes, all of which empower their clients to increase their everyday living skills. The gardening programme, and the way it led to greater connection with the community through the sharing of produce, exemplifies the success of this approach.

What this meant for the organisation

St Chads’ continued ability to provide meaningful services to their clients, such as the Community Connection programme, is core to their mission and function. Such programmes facilitate their clients’ presence in everyday places, and enable them to doing everyday things like going to the local library.

St Chads Rotorua

One Foundation

One Foundation is based in Rotorua and is in its 15th year of operation. The Trust distributes grants to grassroots community groups across four sectors: arts; community and culture; education; health and welfare; and sport. One Foundation is proud to support weekend heroes who make a difference in their communities.

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