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Hearing for the first time


Source: Lion Foundation

The Lion Foundation granted Southern Hearing Charitable Trust $50,000 towards operating costs.

Ricky McLeod (pictured) is profoundly deaf and for the first time in 40 years has just heard the sound of his own voice – thanks to a cochlear implant. Ricky is a different man since his implant surgery and says “I’ve still got a bit of a future ahead of me”. The grant SCIP received from The Lion Foundation means that we give people more than their hearing – we give them hope.”

– Belinda van der Monde, Fundraising Manager

The Lion Foundation (2008)

The Lion Foundation is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected Charitable Trusts.  Since 1988 they have returned over $850 million back to the community, supporting thousands of good causes all around New Zealand.

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