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Invaluable improvement to Mt Wellington Playcentre


Source: GMANZ

About Mt Wellington Playcentre

Mt Wellington Playcentre is situated in the suburb of Mt Wellington, Auckland and caters for pre school aged children who can attend a mix of sessions where children and families can play, work, learn and grow together.  The playcentre has 30 families attending at present with numbers growing steadily. The Playcentre also hosts SPACE infant and toddler sessions each week so the building is well used by those living within the local area.

What the grant went towards

The grant of $19,000 from Mt Wellington Foundation Limited went towards new flooring for the playcentre as the old particle board flooring while initially had been patch fixed had gradually collapsed over time making it unsafe for children to play on.

What this has meant to the Mt Wellington Playcentre

The funding has helped the Playcentre immensely with the renovation project and as can be seen the children can now do what they do best – play - in a much safer environment.  The Playcentre gives families an invaluable early childhood experience with opportunities and support for whanau/families to learn together, preparing the children for a confident entry into school.  The completion of the project has been key to the Playcentre achieving a fundamental requirement within it’s philosophy of providing a safe, engaging and supportive environment for children.

Mt Wellington Playcentre

Mt Wellington Foundation Limited

Mt Wellington Foundation Ltd is a two-venue gaming machine society operating in the East Auckland suburbs of Mt Wellington and Panmure. The Foundation focus on distributing available funds within the local community or to applicants who show a clear benefit to the people from the local community. A wide range of organisations are supported recognising the diverse nature of the interests of the local community with a focus on benefiting young people.

In 2017-18 the foundation Ltd distributed $1.2 million to the local community, including the $20,000 grant to Mt Wellington Swimming Club.

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