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More “wow factor” for Wairarapa drag track


Masterton Motorplex will soon boast track-side timing and lighting facilities befitting its status as one of the best drag race strips in the country, thanks to a $24,000 grant from the Trust House Foundation.


About Masterton Motorplex

Masterton Motorplex has been a key cog in the wheel of drag racing in New Zealand for 20 years. With five major meetings a year, the drag track pulls in more people to the region than any other event and contributes around $2.6million to the local economy annually.


What the grant went towards

The $24,000 grant from Trust House enabled the purchase of a new timing board and display that provides real-time information on drivers and their just completed run. Masterton Motorplex track manager Bob Wilton says the technology really adds to the experience of being at a drags meeting: “There is no delay between what has just happened and when the spectators find out . . . if a record falls, or a driver smashes a personal best everyone knows about it straight away.”


What this meant for the organisation

The top of the range gear is the last “piece of the jigsaw” for the international-standard drag racing track.

“For spectators and fans of drag racing its going to give that real ‘wow factor’,” Wilton says. With the top drag cars reaching speeds of up to 370kmh, “The noise and the atmosphere is mind-blowing, it's petrolhead heaven!"

Trust House Foundation

The Trust House Foundation is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation. Every year they provide more than $3.8 million in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations.

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