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Music therapy changes lives


Source: Lion Foundation

Since 2004 Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust has helped individuals with special needs communicate and express themselves through music. The Lion Foundation has been right beside them with regular grants since 2011 and this year $32,000 was awarded towards Music Therapists salaries.

“It is because of the generous and consistent funding provided by The Lion Foundation that Raukatauri’s music therapy programmes are able to grow and expand each year.  The support enables us change the lives of over 500 New Zealanders each week through music. We are so grateful!” – Jen Rychaert, Clinical and Centre Director

Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust

The Lion Foundation (2008)

The Lion Foundation is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected Charitable Trusts.  Since 1988 they have returned over $850 million back to the community, supporting thousands of good causes all around New Zealand.

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