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Quarterly statistics press release 14 August 2018


Quarterly statistics press release 14 August 2018 show more funds available for the community

Due to a 3.1 percent increase in Gaming Machine Proceeds (GMP) from Class 4 Gambling (pokies) in the April-June 2018 quarter there will be more funds available for community good. Whilst at the same time Problem Gambling prevalence rates are a flat line and have recently shown a slight reduction. The quarterly statistics released by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) on 14 August 2018 show that GMP increased by $6,846,240 compared to the same quarter in 2017.

With on average over 90 percent of net proceeds going back to the local community with the remainder going to national and regional areas with local benefits, the grants will continue to make a positive difference to many local organisations, most of which would struggle to survive without this funding.

Facilities and activities made possible by such grants are extensive with around 29,000 applications received in the last financial year alone. They include a significant contribution to amateur sport, the operations of professional air rescue and air ambulance services, hospitals and Hospices throughout New Zealand Along with thousands of other good community projects and services. No other form of gambling makes such a significant contribution to community good.

The grants are administered by Corporate Societies (Trusts) that operate in strict accordance with regulated standards and restrictions, as prescribed under the Gambling Act and its regulations.

The Gaming Machine Association of New Zealand (GMANZ) is pleased about the greater returns to the community but is concerned about the continued decrease in the numbers of venues and machines revealed in the statistics. We are concerned that an ongoing reduction in infrastructure will significantly reduce the amount of funding available in the future.

GMANZ spokesperson Bruce Robertson says: “Gaming venues such as pubs and clubs provide the strongest form of gambling controls; they provide a safe, fun and regulated environment to those who choose this popular form of entertainment. Reduced accessibility to local venues and machines is likely to drive more players into the world of unregulated online gambling, with little or no controls and no community benefit" says Bruce


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